Editing videos for your Business shouldn't be Rocket Science

Learn how to edit videos with our  One-Hour Online Video Courses that teaches you how to create high quality professional videos on your laptop and smartphone for your online course, YouTube Channel, Product and Brand Videos even with no prior experience.

Everybody should learn to tell better stories of business, brand, and products using the power of video

Did you know that?

Because of our hectic schedules, more than 79% of people would often prefer to watch a two-minute video to learn about a product versus taking 15 minutes to read the same information. So if you’re not creating videos for your business you’re leaving good money in the hands of your customers.

You may be saying to yourself  “I’m not that tech-savvy and video editing looks complicated and something that should be left for professionals.

While that used to be true in the past, new and easier-to-use software are being created everyday for people like you with no experience to create amazing videos like a  PRO.

In this combo course we will be using Filmora9 and PowerDirector, beginner-friendly, yet powerful, feature-filled Video Editor software that are used by amateurs and professionals alike.

This Course is for you if you are...

A Business Owner

Your business needs videos to gain visibility. Having to call on someone every time you want something done can be frustrating. Being able to edit simple videos will save you time and money which your business desperately needs.

A Content Creator

People consume more video content than other formats. A content creator should be versatile in creating different types of content especially video.

A Digital Marketer/
Social Media Manager

To be a successful Digital Marketer or social media manager, video editing is a critical skill you must have to stand out from the crowd.


Online learning is now the order of the day. Having the ability to record and edit your classes or lectures for your students or create your own online course will boost your income and value in the workplace

Online Course Creator

Having to depend on others to create your online courses for you will either cost your loads of money or delay you and may cause you to give up. Get this skill and control your destiny.


Position yourself to make money working from home from individuals, businesses, churches who are constantly looking for competent video editors to edit course videos and other video content.

Topics Covered In Both Courses

We’ve broken down these video editing courses into simple and easy to understand chunks for you to grasp them in no time. Follow step-by-step and start creating amazing videos.

Types of videos
you should create after taking this course.

Online Course

Selling your knowledge online through digital products like video courses is the new rave in town. Learn to edit your own videos or charge others  to edit theirs and start making money from digital products.


Do you sell a product or service that isn’t easy to explain clearly? Product videos can help show your product’s features and benefits and often include examples of how it works, all while engaging your audience.

Company Culture

These videos let customers see who you really are behind the scenes as both individual employees and a collective company. There’s no better way to connect with your fans than by giving them a behind-the-scenes peek into the goings on at your office.


These videos can clearly show your prospects the positive impact that your product has on real people. Hearing from customers’ voices and seeing a product in action is far more engaging than reading a paragraph. In the end, testimonial videos can be indispensable for winning over new customers.

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I’m throwing in a bonus course (Video Editing for Smartphones) in addition to the Video Editing For Beginners (PC/Mac). So instead of one course you get 2. I won’t do this forever so GRAB it while the offer lasts. GET LIFE TIME ACCESS to both courses

What you get...

Video Editing For Beginners PC/Mac (N10,000 value)

One hour step-by-step video course teaching you how to edit videos on your laptop.

BONUS COURSE Video Editing For Smartphones (N10,000 Value)

There are times you may not have your laptop on you or you may be on the move and need to edit a simple video. We're throwing in this bonus course to teach you how to edit videos on your smartphone like a PRO.

Certificate of Completion

Complete the courses and get a certificate of completion to proudly show your boss or that new employer that you have video editing skills

3 Shocking Reasons You should be using Video in your Marketing.

Video Boosts Conversion and Sales

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it. So better start crafting your exciting product videos now!

Video Builds Trust

Many consumers are still skeptical about buying products and services on the internet because they fear fraud and cheating. A video of your business environment, production process, or of you, your staff or other customers using the product or giving a testimonial goes a long way to build trust which leads to more sales.

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Are you launching a new product or a service? Create a video to show how it works. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That is why 45% of businesses who use video marketing said that they have an explainer video on their home page.

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Sample Lessons

What Our Students Are Saying...

"Thank you so much for this class. It was worth every second. I came in thinking, any technology thing, bring it on, but then I realised that there is so much to learn in the world of video editing. Thank you for making it so easy to learn this video editing. Looking forward to creating and making my own videos."
Kemi Ogunkoya
Leadership Strategist
Thank you for sharing the knowledge of this life changing and fun skill. I learnt a lot. I feel like you just awakened something in me called Creativity. Remain blessed.
Daniel Mino
Chukwuemeka Daniel
Founder, Booksubsidy.ng
"It was indeed an amazing class.. Mr Ugochukwu is indeed a great tutor, very patient and easy going.. I enjoyed every bit of the class.. Thank you very much"
Victoria Iloke
Mum, Entrepreneur

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Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve created both Video Editing Courses to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get. If you can follow simple step-by-step instructions, you can follow along successfully and not be left out.

Yes upon completion of each course you get a Certificate of Completion.

If you have any issues regarding your purchase please send us an email at hello@skillsrave.com

Both courses are approximately 1 hour each.

Filmora9 and PowerDirector are free to download. The free version comes with full features and can be used as long as you want. However the free versions export your videos with a watermark which can be removed by purchasing the software.

No they are not. All our courses are hosted on our Website Learning Management System (onlineacademy.skillsrave.com). You will have to log into your account on our website to take your course. This is similar to other online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera etc.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as Skillsrave Academy exists – across all devices you own. Of course you would be banned if you are caught sharing your login details to other people (We can track your ip 😈)

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